Atlantic Warriors Teaches Self-Defense For A Great Cause

Effective Personal Protection
What: Girl Power 2 Cure is an Amelia Island-based nonprofit working to fund research, educate the public and support families in the battle against Rett Syndrome. This devastating neurological disorder, the most severe form of autism, strikes in young girls and robs them of their motor skills for life. But there is hope: Doctors have found Rett is reversible, which is a first in the world of neurological disorders. Now the race is on to find the cure! As such, an event was planned to raise funds to help find a cure. The event was called, "Diva's Day Out". Divas' Day Out was a Benefit for Girl Power 2 Cure.
Hands-On Practice

Divas' Day Out included 30 vendor booths, demonstrations on stage, raffles and free finger food. Everything was geared toward “Divas” of every age, from a dress up booth for girls to a “Build it Herself” raised bed garden, which Home Depot built right in the Atlantic Rec Center Auditorium. There were salons offering beauty treatments on site, fashion shows and a “Big Reveal” for a makeover. The sheriff’s office offered fingerprint IDs, there was a Diva Photo booth, women’s self defense demonstrations and teaching, Zumba demos, and more!

Crowd Participation and Learning
Atlantic Warriors was honored to be a part of this fundraiser for a very worthy cause. In fact, Sifu Petree saw it as an opportunity to continually exercise the mission of Atlantic Warriors, which is, "To make our community safer, one person at a time". Sifu Petree and the special Atlantic Warriors Women's Self-Defense staff not only demonstrated easy to learn and effective self-defense techniques to the crowd, but most importantly invited all ladies from the crowd to come up on stage and be taught right there, on the spot. The response was fantastic, as the participants learned easy-to-remember, and efficient, personal protection skills for free, from the experts themselves. 

"Donating our time and expertise for a good cause like this goes to the heart of Atlantic Warriors' philosophy of helping others, and making our community a better place", said Sifu Petree. If you would like to learn more about Atlantic Warriors, or are interested in learning real-world self-defense skills, contact Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Gung Fu at (904) 270-2237.