Wing Chun Immersion Training Camp - 2012

im·mer·sion [ih-mur-zhuhn, -shuhn]. Adjective- concentrating on one course of instruction, subject, or project to the exclusion of all others for several days or weeks; intensive.

In this case, the project was an intense, and in-depth investigation into a special project - the art and fighting system of Wing Chun Kung Fu. In years past, the students of Atlantic Warriors, along with their sifu, Jonathan Petree, have sequestered themselves far away from the distractions of everyday life at a special, remote location for the Immersion Training Camp. Everyone would eat, sleep, and train Wing Chun together for days, and then the students would emerge at the end of training camp with ability, understanding, and new perspectives that were previously unknown to them. This unique experience even produced student leaders and mentors in the school.

Each year’s Atlantic Warriors Immersion Training Camp covers different topics, and has its own unique focus. In that regard, this year’s camp was the same. However, in addition to its unique curricula, this year’s camp was held at a new location. In fact, this new venue was the recently completed headquarters of Atlantic Warriors in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. This expanded Wing Chun kwoon is the premier place to train in Ip Man lineage Wing Chun in Northeast Florida. It even comes complete with an ocean view! And, instead of only being able to house 10 camp participants, as was the case in the previous training camp site, Atlantic Warriors new school easily accommodated the hard-core group of 28 participants at the 2012 Immersion Training Camp. Completion of the new school could not have occurred at a more perfect time. For example, due to previous training camp’s results, this much anticipated training opportunity quickly sold out the originally available 25 spots before it could even be offered to the public.

The following is a small snapshot of some of the areas explored during the workshops of Atlantic Warriors 2012 Wing Chun Immersion Training Camp.

A)   Finding Your Own Core- Why this is SO important. How to utilize this skill to delete an opponent’s force.

B)   Seong Chi Sao- What is it? What it is NOT. Entries into seong chi sao. Gow Sao- What is it? Recognition and Response to violations.

C)   The 1” Punch- All of the details. Individual practice and refinement with another camp participant during the workshop.

D)   Sparring workshop- Recognition and Response to Energy at Initial Engagement.

E)   The Kicks of Wing Chun.

F)    Personal Protection- Primary targets, and Secondary Targets.

G)  The Elbows of Wing Chun- Personal Protection Applications.

H)  Breaks, Destructions, and Finishing Moves.

I)      The Mook Yan Jong form- Subset #10 movements and combat applications.


This year’s training camp left everyone fired-up, and mentally blown away after being immersed in the art and fighting system of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Now begins the practice, practice, practice. 

For information on learning Wing Chun Kung Fu contact Atlantic Warriors at (904) 270-2237.