Realistic Knife Defense Seminar in Jacksonville Beach - An Eye Opener for Participants

The Survivors!
A wish became a reality for many martial arts students, when Sifu Petree agreed to teach a Knife Defense Seminar in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The grassroots push was led by a local Wing Chun student who recently had some of his friends robbed at knife point. This frightening event inspired the student to approach Sifu Petree, the founder of Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Gung Fu, with the idea of teaching a seminar focused on how to defend oneself against an attacker with a knife. Sifu Petree agreed to teach the knife defense seminar, but warned that the tactics, methods, and mindset that would be taught in the seminar would NOT look like anything being taught in Karate dojos across America. In fact, he said that he would actually debunk many of the fallacies of defending oneself against a knife attack. Instead of deterring the student's interest, this warning actually increased the student's interest and anticipation for the coming seminar.

Here is a brief recap of some of the highlights of the Knife Defensive Tactics Seminar that was held at Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun - Ocean Location.
There were five (5) phases of this particular seminar. All of which, focused on an unarmed person versus an attacker, or robber, using a knife as his weapon.
Phase 1- There was a large, in-depth, teaching and discussion on Psychological Preparedness for Knife Assault. 
Phase 2- Legal Preparedness in the aftermath of Knife Assault. This area is often overlooked, and rarely even mentioned in most self-defense seminars. However, it is equally important as any technique.
Phase 3- Anatomy and Physiology. An in-depth teaching on which areas of the body are a priority to protect, and why other areas of the body, while important, could be repaired more easily, and temporarily sacrificed to save one's life. Sifu Petree named this principle, "the lesser of two evils". In addition to his own medical knowledge, he employed the Netter's Anatomy textbook, and a Critical Care nurse for the teaching.
Phase 4- Knife grips. Their uses, pros and cons.
Phase 5- Active Assault Scenarios. These scenarios were simulated, and practiced by each participant against a very non-compliant, and aggressive attacker.

By the end of the seminar, there was a lot of sweat, a little blood, and some huffing and puffing due to the realistic training the participants had been immersed in during the 3 hour seminar. Everyone, including black belts and instructors of other martial arts, were not only satisfied with the skills, and knowledge they had accumulated from the teachings, but blown away by the shift in their self-defense paradigm.

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