Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Concept-Based Fighting System, Not a Technique-Based Martial Style

The concept of Forward Energy is one of the bedrock and foundational concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Please listen and apply the knowledge in this video that was recently presented at Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Kung Fu Ocean Location in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Every block, strike, kick, and most importantly, the intention of one's mind, must be energized with forward energy. Adhering to this Wing Chun concept will assist with many other Wing Chun concepts, such as, Loi Lau Hoi Shung Lut Sao Jik Joong. Interpreted, this means, Stay with what comes, follow as it retreats, thrust forward when the hand is freed. You may find other Wing Chun Maxims on The Sifu Petree Channel.

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