Hello, My Name is Mook Jong. I'm going to take your fighting skill to the next level! Wing Chun Jacksonville, Florida.

The vast majority of people have no idea what a Mook Jong is, otherwise known as a wooden dummy, much less what it is for, or how it can greatly enhance one's martial abilities. However, if learned properly, and trained consistantly, a student can reach previously unattainable levels of skill in the martial arts with the help of a Mook Jong.
In Jacksonville, Florida, students are trained in the original Mook Jong form that was taught by Ip Man to his very first closed door student in Hong Kong, Leung Sheung. From Leung Sheung, this form was passed down to Kenneth Chung, Ben Der, Ken Werner, Karl Godwin, Bill Graves, and Jonathan Petree, who founded Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Gung Fu in Jacksonville, Florida. In this video, Sifu Petree will introduce you to the Mook Jong, and discuss many of its great benefits. This is the first of a three part series of videos that will discuss the Mook Jong and its form.