Wing Chun Immersion: Summer 2010 Wing Chun Training Camp for Atlantic Warriors.... An Enlightening Experience.

What an amazing time everyone had at last weekend's Summer 2010 Wing Chun training camp. It was truly Wing Chun Immersion, as we dove deep into the inner aspects of applied Wing Chun Gung Fu. The intensive schedule of workshops delivered 16 hours of training over a two day period.

Regardless of the student's current level, all camp participants learned how to do the famous Wing Chun one inch punch, which was first shown to the general public in America by the legendary Bruce Lee. Everyone learned the science, timing, physics, and body mechanics of the one inch punch, then were able to practice what they learned on each other.

In addition, we covered many other heavy-duty topics such as:

1) The inner workings of joint locks. Their Pros and Cons. When to use them. When NOT to use them. How to counter joint locks.
2) Street application of our Wing Chun drills. How to use them against an attacker who is unarmed, or armed with a knife.
3) How to realistically apply our Wing Chun drills to multiple attackers.
4) How to immediately recognize and respond to the force applied to you from an attacker.
5) How to feel and respond to the various energies of your opponent through analytical sparring.
6) The Wing Chun Footwork Triangle, and how to effectively use footwork to help your hands position. 
7) A very special workshop called, "Why". This was where every participant got to ask, and get an answer for any Wing Chun, or fighting related question.

As a result, every Atlantic Warriors student in attendance grew in their martial prowess, and left the camp better than they arrived.

However, for all of this to occur, we did not have regular public class last Saturday morning at Atlantic Warriors Town & Country Studio. However, classes are resuming there this Saturday, May 8th at 9:00AM. Please make every effort to take part in these Saturday morning classes, as they are here for your development and progress on your journey with Wing Chun.