Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Teaches Street Survival for Deploying Military


An inspiring testimony from a newer student of Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun. I'll call it,  The Art of Fighting Without Fighting!

"A drunk French man tried to pick a fight with me Saturday night, and although
I did not beat him senseless, Wing Chun was used to get out of the
situation with out escalating to violence. I was walking
with two other guys from the ship when I heard "hey American", when I
turned this man was walking up to me and asked me if I had a problem and
then went to shove me with one hand. This was stopped at his bicep with
the same technique you taught me for stopping a hooking strike at its
origin. I followed it by a short gum sao to bring his arm to the side. He
then said something and seemed to calm down, but as I went to walk away
he grabbed me by my wrist, which I turned over and moved forward into a
tan sao position that completely neutralized the force he was
using. It all ended there without having to strike him. I was able
to calm him down and I finally went on my way. It is nice to know I have options other than always having to injure someone. Thank you for the outstanding
training! Years doing other things and your training came out after practicing
for about 6 months, that tells me something!"  ---- Gunners Mate 1st Class J.D., U.S. Navy.