Making The Community Safer...One Woman At A Time

2009 has been a year of change, challenges, and transition. However, one thing is for certain, when one chapter of life ends, another chapter begins. Although this year has had its share of challenges, and temporary setbacks, each challenge has actually become an opportunity. Through grasping hold of these opportunities, and exercising a little faith (o.k., a lot of faith), personal and professional growth has occured that would not have otherwise happend.

As the last hours of 2009 quickly tick away, I can trully say that I have found my calling in this life. I have had an idea for a while, but friends and family have known it for years. They have known that my purpose has been to help others help themselves. In the past, helping others has taken on many manifestations, but now one clear objective has crystalized.

My mission and goal is to make our community safer through passing on the knowledge and skills that have been passed down to me. As a result, teaching real-world self-defense to the good people of our community, region, and nation is my primary objective. Recently, Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun has been teaching monthly, women-only self-defense courses to the community. December proved to be a double seminar month, as many college-age women were home and their parents did not want to waste this valuable opportunity to get self-defense training for their children while on Christmas break.

Moving forward into 2010, the calender of Atlantic Warriors self-defense seminars and training events is quickly filling up. As a result, my mission is clear: Make our community person at a time!

Enjoy the photos from our second Women's Self-Defense Seminar of December 2009. We had an amazing seminar on December 12, 2009 at our AWOL studio in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, but were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. This time we had fun and remembered to bring a camera. Here are the graduates of the December 29, 2009 Women's Self-Defense Course: Level 1-Basic Defensive Methods, presented by Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Gung Fu at our Town & Country Studio in Jacksonville, Florida.