Bare Knuckle Boxing and Wing Chun Application from New 'Sherlock Holmes" Movie

In this age of gloved boxing, and gloved MMA fighting, very few people realize that true self-defense, and real fights that happen on the street are not gloved affairs. For example, you cannot ask an attacker to "hold on a minute while I put on my gloves". Most people think that they can simply hit with a bare fist the same way that they hit with a gloved fist. Unfortunately, so many have thought this way that the damage done by ignorance is so common that it has its own name. It is called, "a boxers fracture". Why? Because most folks still strike with a horizontal fist in street fights, just like they have practiced in the gym with gloves. Here are 3 simple rules: 1. If you are NOT wearing gloves and insist on striking with a fist, please do yourself a favor and strike with a verticle fist. 2. Better idea- If you are NOT wearing gloves, don't hit with your fists. Use open hand strikes that utilize the heel of the palm, or the edge of the palm. These can generate a tremendous amount of force, without the potential for breaking the delicate bones in your hand. 3. Study human anatomy and physiology. It will serve you well in the pugilistic arts. I recommend Netter's Anatomy, or Grey's Anatomy. If you can't find those books, simply go to a local library and begin your studies of the skeletal structure. Start with the skeletal structure, then move on to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc.