Philippine combatives

The Philippine Combatives style of Martial Arts is consists of both weapons and hands training. Its style is based on the different systems of arnis, kali, escrima, mano-mano, dumog, arnis de mano, espada y daga all combined to help you better understand the wonderful world of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). 

The Philippine Combatives is the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance official curriculum presented in an EASY TO FOLLOW AND LEARN FORMAT. The Philippine Combatives will work with any style of martial arts. It is guaranteed to bring out the best in you and strengthen your understanding of the Filipino arts. The Philippine Combatives is not a personal style developed by Guro Melegrito; it is an expression and interpretation of one of the deadliest, most practical fighting systems in today’s world… Philippine Martial Arts!

Classes are each Monday at 6:00PM at the Atlantic Warriors location on St. John's Bluff Rd.